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infrared sauna


The InfraRed Sauna has the ability to purge deeply imbedded impurities in the skin, leaving you with youthful, glowing, revitalized & purified skin. With a full body detox you can sleep better, improve your circulation and release toxins from your body. The heat of the InfraRed Rays speed up muscle recovery, decrease inflammation, relieve tension and relax muscles. 


main benefits

Full Body Detox

The heat from an infrared sauna warms you up from the inside out, increasing your blood circulation, which in turn helps to stimulate sweat glands throughout your body. By stimulating these sweat glands we can release toxins from our bodies such as phthalates, pesticides, nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol, heavy metals, and so much more. Studies have shown that infrared saunas can detox your body more in just 20 minutes, than your kidneys can in 24 hours. When you remove toxins from your body, you will may notice a positive change in anxiety, irritability, appetite, energy levels, etc.

Pain Relief

The heat from an infrared sauna may ease pain because of its ability to reduce soreness on nerve endings, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. When your muscles are being heated up with IR (Infrared) rays, the heat works its way deep into your muscles to help loosen up any tension, causing relief and relaxation. The IR rays in conjunction with the heat from the sauna will increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering more concentrated oxygen, which creates more energy to heal.

Healthy Skin

IR rays can penetrate deep into the body, meaning it's getting beyond the epidermis of your skin to increase internal temperatures. Because of the deep heat and detoxifying benefits of the IR rays, the Infrared Sauna is killing off harmful acne-causing bacteria that leads to an uneven skin tone. Not only will he Infrared Sauna prevent acne breakouts, it will also purge clogged pores to rid your skin of deeply embedded impurities. Say hello to glowing skin, when you relax in our Infrared Sauna

RedLight Therapy

Not only does our Sauna have InfraRed Therapy, it also has RedLight Therapy. While InfraRed works hard to fix everything internally, RedLight Therapy is the complete opposite, working on the surface level of the skin. Learn more about RedLight Therapy benefits below...

Sauna Benefits


Red Light Benefits
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