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Our uv Sunbeds

AESTHETIC SUMMER (APPROVED) (13 x 7 in) (7).png

We offer two different sunbed levels, perfect for building a base and bringing out color.


We highly recommend alternating between the two sunbed levels for the best results! As a general rule of thumb, 7 tans within a 10 day period is the best way to get a perfect summer glow!

What We Offer

Level 5 Sunbed


Our Level 5 Sunbed is about 99% UVA Rays and only about 1% UVB Rays. This sunbed is designed to be a lot more gentle on the outer layers of skin, creating a longer-lasting color deeper in the skin. The UVA rays in this bed provide all color and no burn, so you can expect the quickest color with long lasting results! With virtually no UVB Rays, this sunbed is the best option for newbies, as it emits almost no burning-rays.

To maintain your tan in this bed, you only need 2-3 visits per month!

Get your bronze on baby!


Level 3 Sunbed


Our Level 3 Sunbed is a mixture of both UVA Rays (about 40%) and UVB Rays (about 60%). This sunbed is designed to help create a base for good color by stimulating the production of new melanin(this melanin needs to be bronzed out in the level 5) and providing you with surface-level color on the outer layers of skin! This bed is great at breaking tanning plateaus and providing color to the outer layers of skin for more depth! 

To maintain your tan in this bed, you only need 2-3 visits per week!

Get your base on baby!

cayenne level 3
matrix level 5
Loved the place, state of the art tanning beds. The staff are the most knowledgeable about the science and safety of tanning I have ever seen anywhere. Definitly going back. Highly recommend.

Michael D.

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